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Power One

The Power One is designed for power amplifiers, pre-amps and sources. We utilized multiple strands of high purity copper for the 3 conductors. This provides a very smooth and detailed sound. Shielding is comprised of multiple layers of braided copper for 100% coverage against RFI and EMI. The Power One cord is the best sounding power cord in it's class and will compete with other power cords 2 to 3 times its price. See Ordering page for price list.

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Zen Reference

The Zen Reference power cord is our best sounding power cord. It utilizes multi-conductors and solid core wires of the highest purity copper with ultra-thin Teflon insulation. The Zen Reference is design to be the best power cord in the market for under $1000. This power cord has incredible bass and dynamics. It's performance is comparable to other brand name power cords that cost 2X to 5X its price.