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Zentara Reference Interconnect and Reference Speaker Cable Review.
Zentara IC-4 and TF-8 Speaker Cable in Stereo Times Review .

Zentara Reference Interconnect and Reference Speaker Cable in Positive Feedback Online, Issue #49.

Zentara IC-4 interconnect and TF-8 speaker cable review at Positive Feedback Online, Issue #42.

At Zentara Cables we only have one goal in mind:  
Design and build the best sounding audio cables for the discriminating music lovers and audio enthusiasts.

Our design concept took more than 10 years in the making (from design concept to final production).  
Our cable design is based on science, engineering, and refining through many listening to achieve the most musical, detailed, and natural sounding cables in the market.

* Cable Construction / Geometry
- Proprietary design based on tubular helical geometry, multiple conductors, and symmetrically spaced conductors resulting in low  capacitance, inductance, and resistance.
- Small multi-conductors for minimal skin effects and optimized signal transfer.
- Micro-fibers between individual conductors for vibration dampening.
- 100% Aluminum Mylar foil + Copper Braided shield for optimized RFI and EMI rejection.

* Conductor Materials
- The purest conductor materials (copper & silver) available
- Single Crystal Copper (SCC) and Precious Metal Alloys (PMA) for the Ultima Reference cables
- 6N (99.9999%) Copper is used in our mid-level TF-8 speaker cables.
- Our multiple size conductors exhibit minimal skin effect and the widest frequency range.
- We do not use copper alloys, silver plated copper (SPC), aluminum, gold plated copper, or low purity silver material for our cable. Based on our experience, testing, and listening sessions, these types of materials are not very musical (they appear edgy, grainy, bright, forward & fatiguing).  
- We use Copper (6N & single crystal) and Silver (OCC) conductors, as these are the best sounding materials.

* Insulation Material
- Each individual conductor is insulated with an ultra-thin Teflon material.  This ensures that the insulation will not be affected   by temperature (-80°C to 200°C) and the cable will sound its best under any listening condition.  Teflon is superior to PVC or PE for temperature performance, fluid resistance, and dielectric absorption.  
- Many of our competitors also use Teflon, but their conductors are silver plated copper (basically an "off the shelf" military wire).  These cables are inferior to our cables which use only the purest copper or silver conductors with ultra-thin Teflon insulation.
- A thermoplastic rubber is used for the outer cable jacket for flexibility and handling.

* High Performance Connectors
- High performance copper with gold plated Spades, Banana, and RCA connectors.
- High performance Neutrik/Furutech XLR Connectors.
- For our Reference interconnects, we use OCC copper RCA plugs with gold or rhodium platings.

* High Performance & Unbeatable Value
- Our cables are specifically manufactured in a "state of the art" ISO/TS-16949 high tech wire manufacturing facility in the USA.  
- Each speaker cable and interconnect is individually hand crafted in our US facility to ensure the highest quality for many years of musical enjoyment and reliability.  

We sell our cables DIRECT to the customer so our price and performance are unbeatable and affordable.

Every cable is hand-crafted in our facility to your specific order.
(Made in the USA)