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Zentara TF-8

The Zentara TF-8 speaker cable is designed to be the best sounding in its class and an extraordinary value. It utilizes multi-conductors of high purity copper in a "tubular helical" design with a proprietary high performance (lowest dielectric constant) Teflon insulation. The cable design is optimized for minimal capacitance and inductance, which contributes to smoothness, musicality, and extended frequencies. This speaker cable will provide you detailed and musical sounds in a "mid-level" audio system ( from $10,000 to $30,000). Available in Single stereo pair or external Bi-Wire pair.

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Zentara Reference II

The Zentara Reference II is an improved version of our world class sounding speaker cable that we designed utilizing individual runs of multi-conductors in a "tubular helical" design with a proprietary high performance ultra-thin Teflon insulation for the (+) and (-) signal. The conductor material is 99.9999% pure (6N) copper. The Reference II cable design is optimized for high current capability, low capacitance, low inductance, and minimal resistance. Even though the Reference II speaker cable is realistically priced, it can compete in sound quality against other brand name high-end speaker cables from $2000 to $10,000+. These are truly 'world' class reference speaker cables that are suitable for a "cost no object" system ($50,000 to $100,000+).