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Zentara IC-4

The Zentara IC-4 is designed to be the best sounding interconnect cable and thevbest value in its class. It uses a tubular helical design which minimizes the capacitance between individual conductors for very extended frequencies and smoothness of sound. The signal conductor material is Single Crystal Copper and the insulation is a proprietary ultra-thin Teflon material. We use top quality gold plated RCA and XLR connectors for the best sound quality, electrical contacts, and long term reliability. See Ordering page for price list.

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Zentara Reference and Ultima Reference

The Zentara Reference (Single Crystal Copper) and Ultima Reference (Precious Metal Alloys) are designed to be world class and reference quality interconnect cables. They will compete with cables 2 to 5 times its price. We utilized multiple strands of Single Crystal Copper and Precious Metal Alloys to make the best interconnects that we have designed. The multicore conductors provide even greater details, dynamics, and musical sound as compared to the IC-4. We use the highest quality RCA connectors through careful selection for the best sound, most reliable signal transfer, and long term durability. If you are looking for world class interconnects, look no further and try our Reference Cu or Ultima Reference interconnects. See Ordering page for price list.